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"Helping Others... Help Others"

Who We Are

Love of People is a nonprofit organization, developed in 1993 with the mission of

“Helping Others, Help Others”.  

Our mission remains the same: to help individuals, families, service industry workers, musicians, artists and the elderly grow as a part of a productive environment, in order to improve community and family living.

Love of People continues to stay true to their mission by giving back to the community through projects and events.

Community Video of the Month

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Featured Event

8th Diaper Drive Logo.png

Now in its 8th year, Williams Bros Diaper Drive (Formerly Julian's Diaper Drive) serves as a great opportunity to make a positive impact on the community while also instilling important values in children.


By involving both families and businesses in need, you create a collaborative effort to support those who require assistance. Through this drive, you not only provide essential resources like diapers (children, adults, wipes, and puppy pads) to families who may be struggling financially but also create a platform for teaching children about the importance of hard work and compassion. By actively participating in the drive, children like Julian and Issac can witness the positive impact their efforts have on the lives of others, fostering empathy, and teaching them the value of helping those in need.

If you'd like to donate, we'll be accepting donations of child & adult diapers, baby wipes, and puppy pads, through July 25th.

The drop-off locations include:

Hub City Ford

RISE Physical Therapy & Sports Lab

McMillan's Pub

Lafayette Visitor's Center

Deano's on Bertrand

We understand that everyone has different constraints on their time, but we believe that everyone can make a positive impact. Regardless of your circumstances, we have options that accommodate your availability and preferences, such as an Amazon Wish List, and Monetary Donation options. Click below to learn more about Williams Bros Diaper Drive and to explore the ways you can get involved. 

Thank you for your interest in getting involved. Your support is valuable and greatly appreciated. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Ways We Help


Community Impact Initiatives

Initiatives serve as a connection for individuals, social groups and private businesses to connect to our community and provide direct impact and progress to our community

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LOP Events

Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities for special events that combine the business community with the cultural icons that make our region so unique.

fest bmm.jpeg

Blue Monday Mission

Monthly shows, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities that directly provide Quality of Life Services for Aging Musicians, Artists, Chefs, Services Industry Workers and the People Who Serve them. 


Volunteer/Sponsorship Opportunities

Not sure how to get involved? Have an idea you'd like to propose? We have plenty of resources available to allow you to "Help Others, Help Others."


Art of Business

Volunteer and Sponsorship opportunities that are designed to provide professional and personal support services that secure the sustainability for individuals actively dedicated to our culture.


Helping Others, Help Others

Click the button below to learn more about our various projects and how to get involved.


"Allow us into your community and help us transform it into a family."

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment
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Dig Deeper Into Who We Are

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1400 NW Evangeline Thwy, Lafayette, LA 70501


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