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Enhancing Lives, Enriching Futures:
Join Our Mission to Foster a Stronger, More Connected Community.

Love of People needs YOUR help!  We are actively looking for volunteers to fill several different roles to accomplish our mission.  How would you like to help support the mission?

To sign up for Community Thanksgiving, click the button below!

Professional Volunteers

Volunteers and/or Businesses (retired individuals) with the desire and ability to share specific job and/or life skills to assist in the development of the people in our community. It is our goal to provide training to individuals within our community that will serve as marketable skills which will result in job placement. With your help, we aim to provide knowledge, independence and support for others to succeed.

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Community Volunteers

Community Volunteers are those who choose to serve in the areas of our Love of People Projects that are designed for Community Enrichment. Community Enrichment Projects are scheduled events throughout the year and serves as opportunities for Families, Co-workers and Social Groups to engage with their communities.

Mission Volunteers

Mission Volunteers possess an innate desire to serve. A Person who understands that through service yields opportunities. Mission Volunteers are willing to participate in community enrichment projects, orientations and training units at schedule times with a goal in achieving potential job placements and opportunities.

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"Helping Others, Help Others."

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

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