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Community Thanksgiving

Creating a Community of Family

Thanksgiving is about gathering together with friends and family and sharing a meal together. We use this time to express gratitude for the things in life worth being thankful for. We take that mindset and bring it to underserved communities in need of a warm meal on Thanksgiving.

9th Annual

Helping Hands

Community Thanksgiving Conversation 

9th Annual Community Thanksgiving

November 2022

LOP Community Thanksgiving was another great success.

The production of the meals was done with more efficiency which allowed us to increase our production.  Thanks to everyone’s great ideas on improvements… keep them coming!

The partnership we have in New Iberia was expanded to include more sites and allow for drive through pickups. 

Our team in north Lafayette was also expanded to include more satellite locations.

While our team in Opelousas found new partners to allow for a bigger distribution.

Our fund raising was a little more challenging this year, but we had some amazing Sponsors step up to the plate this year which allowed us to cover our costs.  THANK YOU!!!!

Once again, the effort that Taco Sisters showed in prepping the Turkeys was outstanding, Thank you, Jon!!!    

Also, we could not even begin to accomplish this monumental task without the dedication and hard work of our “Game Day” volunteers. 

The help from Rotary Club of Lafayette, Rotary Satellite Club, Acadian Total Securities, Rise Physical Therapy and Sports Lab, The 705 and so many more is what makes this all possible. It was an honor to work with each and every one of you!!
With all of these improvements, we were able to make 2,727 meals which got to the people who needed them all across Acadiana!


It is only through the great efforts of all of these people… our community…  that we are able to full fill our mission of “Helping Others, Help Others”. And we do it… for the Love of People.

Chad Theriot
LOP Community Thanksgiving Event Coordinator

2022 Recap Video

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2021 Recap

8th Annual Community Thanksgiving
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Thanks To Our Amazing 2022 Sponsors!

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