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2023 Recap Video

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Connecting Businesses with Communities

The mission of Community Thanksgiving, organized by Love of People, is simple yet powerful: to connect local businesses with the communities they serve. We strive to identify areas in our community that are most in need and, by working together, utilize our most valuable resource - our culture - to uplift and strengthen our entire community.

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A decade ago, our founder and Executive Director, John Williams, initiated the Community Thanksgiving Project with a heartfelt goal: to provide food and companionship for displaced individuals and families in our community. He rallied friends, family, and local business owners, and their collective efforts resulted in the distribution of 150 meals during its inaugural year.

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3,500 Meals and Beyond

This year, with the generous support of Anchor Partnerships, our aspirations have grown exponentially. We aim to serve over 3,500 meals across the Acadiana area. Our target locations include Opelousas, Sunset, Lafayette, and New Iberia. Our goal is to have all meals delivered to their designated sites by noon on Thanksgiving Day, allowing guests to either pick up their dinners or enjoy a meal in the company of others in a safe and welcoming environment.

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Join us as Love of People's Executive Director and Chad Theriot, our esteemed Channel Partner, share the heartfelt beginnings of Love Of People Community Thanksgiving.

 Discover the "why" behind our mission and the inspiration that sparked it all. Together, they shed light on what it takes to reach this year's ambitious goal of serving 

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featuring: CBM Technology

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Join us in creating a Thanksgiving where no one is left hungry or alone, where the spirit of giving thrives, and where our community comes together to make a difference. 

The success of Love Of People, Community Thanksgiving Project hinges on a collaborative effort that includes local government, community service agencies, a dedicated team of volunteers, and, most importantly, your organization. Your support will play a pivotal role in growing this meaningful initiative throughout the Acadiana area, continuing our time-honored tradition of sharing a meal and building stronger communities.


We cordially invite you and/or your organization to partner with Love of People in making a significant impact on Thanksgiving Day. Your contribution will not only support the provision of meals but also help create a sense of togetherness and shared goodwill that resonates deeply with our community.


With your support, we can serve even more families and individuals in need on this holiday of giving thanks. Being a Louisiana Non-Profit and Federal Non-Profit, your contributions are tax-deductible, making your partnership with us not only impactful but also financially beneficial.

Take a moment to get a glimpse of Love Of People Community Thanksgiving 2022. See our mission in action, witness the incredible volume of food, the vast space, the dedicated people, and the boundless love that it takes to continue feeding those in need throughout Acadiana on Thanksgiving Day.

Listen to a few words from some of our most steadfast and dedicated supporters, as they share their "Why" – the heartfelt reasons behind their unwavering commitment to our cause.


For only $10, you can provide a Thanksgiving meal for one person in Acadiana, making a direct and meaningful impact on someone's holiday. Any additional funds you donate go toward our operational and marketing efforts.


By contributing, you help us grow, get the word out, and ultimately serve more families and individuals in need.

At the heart of our Community Thanksgiving Project is the goal of serving 3,500 meals to those in need. To achieve this mission, we must raise $36,000+ to cover the essential costs of food and supplies. Your generous contribution plays a vital role in making this vision a reality.

Your contribution helps us purchase the fundamental ingredients that make our Thanksgiving meals special: turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, sausage, rice, and dressing mix. But it goes beyond that. Your contribution also covers the essential supplies that ensure our operations run smoothly. This includes styrofoam containers, gloves, masks, serving utensils, bags, propane, holding tins for serving, water for our dedicated volunteers, and so much more.

As we journey toward our ultimate goal of providing Thanksgiving meals to all in need across Acadiana, we understand the importance of spreading the word. While volunteers are the backbone of our initiative, we cannot rely on their efforts alone. Your donation, regardless of its size, makes a significant impact. It contributes to our surplus, operations, and marketing endeavors.

A Community United: This feast has flourished through the generosity and unwavering support of our cherished sponsors, donors, and dedicated volunteers. Your contributions have fueled our journey from serving 150 meals a decade ago to our present goal of 3,500. As we celebrate a decade of service, we humbly request your continued support to make this vision a reality.

Your Generosity Matters: This Thanksgiving, let's come together and create a feast of hope, love, and support for those who truly need it. Every meal, every smile, every helping hand - it all counts, and it all makes a difference.

At Love of People, our Thanksgiving mission is nothing short of heartwarming magic - we're aiming to prepare and deliver a bountiful 3,500 meals to those in need around Acadiana.

Imagine the laughter and joy as families gather around to share a warm, delicious meal. Picture the smiles on the faces of those who, through your kindness, have a reason to be thankful. This Thanksgiving, we're asking for your support to make this vision a reality.

Our dedicated team will be busy in the kitchen, cooking up the most scrumptious turkey feasts, complete with all the trimmings that make the holiday special. But we can't do it alone. We need the generosity of sponsors like you to help us set the table for our neighbors who are struggling.

Your sponsorship can be the ingredient that transforms a simple meal into a feast of hope. Be our partner in this season of giving, and let's warm hearts and fill bellies with love.

Click the link, to become a Thanksgiving Sponsor and help us spread joy this holiday season. Together, we can make a world of difference, one meal at a time. 


At Love of People, we believe that a single act of kindness can turn an empty plate into a table of abundance. Every dollar, every penny, every heartbeat of generosity is the essence of the season – a true Thanksgiving feast for the soul.

As we gather 'round our tables, brimming with bountiful harvests and warmth, let's remember those right here in Acadiana, for whom this Thanksgiving may be a season of uncertainty.


For just $10, you can serve up hope on a platter! 

With your support, we can provide an astonishing 3,500 nourishing meals to those who hunger for more than just food. Imagine the joy and gratitude you can spread, knowing that your contribution will make a real, tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Every dollar is a slice of kindness, a spoonful of love, a helping hand extended. Whether you can spare $10 or more, your generosity will fill empty stomachs and hearts with the warmth of Thanksgiving.

Donate today, and let's turn this season of plenty into a season of plenty for all. Your gift, no matter the size, is a feast of compassion. 

​At Love of People, we've whipped up a Thanksgiving extravaganza that's nothing short of a feast for the heart.  

Let's come together, let's share the love, and let's make this Thanksgiving unforgettable for those who need it most.

We're not just inviting you, but your entire family, your wonderful friends, your incredible business associates, and anyone else you know to join hands with us in creating a Thanksgiving miracle.

It's Thanksgiving, and we want to make it extraordinary for those in need in Acadiana. Our goal? To serve up 3,500 delectable meals to spread the spirit of gratitude and abundance!


When you, your family, your friends, your business, and the whole neighborhood get involved, magic happens. Together, we can transform this Thanksgiving into a memory worth savoring.

Simply click the Volunteer Now button to pledge your support, and we'll be eternally thankful. This Thanksgiving, let's fill not just bellies but also hearts. Join us, and let's serve up 3,500 reasons to be grateful! 

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