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LOP's Community Thanksgiving Appreciation Meal

This year we are excited to announce a Volunteer Appreciation Meal for those of you who have given so selflessly over the years through Love of People's Community Thanksgiving Initiative!

Powered by Chez La Fete (Fest House), CBM Technologies, Love of People, Poche's, and Irish Guy Landscaping.

CT23 food station.jpeg

Details, Time, and Location

Date: Thursday April 25, 2024

Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: Chez La Fete (Fest House) 811 Lafayette St. Lafayette, LA 70501

This year, Fest House has pledged that a portion of the funds raised during Festival International will go towards Love of People's Community Thanksgiving annual initiative. 

As part of our partnership together, we are thrilled to announce that we are hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Event. During this event, sponsored by CBM Technologies, Chad Theriot will be working closely with Poche's in order to perfect our method of cooking Rice Dressing.

Chad will be joined by Tony Davoren, Toby Rodriguez and John Williams

That means... you guessed it... Rice Dressing will be one of the food items being prepared for y'all! 

Along the rest of the same awesome meal we create during thanksgiving! (think smoked turkey, sausage... the WORKS!)

We'd love to highlight YOU and YOUR commitment to our cause by providing a little R&R, some food, and beverages.

Please come on by and pass a good time.

This is a RSVP Required Event

Please RSVP by emailing Luke Alexius directly at

thanksgiving meals.jpeg

"Helping Others, Help Others."

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